Ecosure Adblue 2500

Ecosure Adblue 2500
Ecosure Adblue 2500 Ref: H2500AB

Piusi Suzzara Blue System consists ofa self primong pump with inox metering, flexible 4 meter delivery hose (20mm dia) and automatic nozzle, flowrate 40 l/min, max delivery pressure 5 bar, self priming height upto 2 meters, meter accuracy +/- 1% complete with footvalve and filter onsuction tube.

Ocio tank level indicator provides continous metering, indication in height, volume or filling percentage. Maximum and minimum level alarms, high accuracy, IP55 protection and optional software package.

Height (mm) 1700
Length (mm) 2640
Weight (mm) 1450

3,894.00 Including  VAT at 20%