500 Litre V1

500 Litre Water Tank V1 Ref: ECO500V1WT

One of the slimmest water tanks available on the internet, the Ecosure 500 litre slimline water tank is quality made item with many benefits.

Rotational moulded the plastic used is of the highest quality for is purpose. The manufacturing process slowly builds a thick plastic wall that is weather and frost resistant.

Premoulded into the tank is a 1" BSP outlet which can be used to connect various ancillaries such as brass garden taps and hose conntectors. This connection can also be used to connect serveral water tanks together and have each tank filling up equally.

The only item added to the tank, is the 8" lid. This is normally put at the same end as the 1" BSP out. This is vented lid so as the water is drawn off the outlet, air can be sucked in through the lid. If a vented lid is not used a vacuum would form and the sides and the top of the tank would be sucked inwards.

Water Tank Features
  • 1" BSP Outlet
  • 8" Vented Lid
  • Baffle System
  • Strong & Durable
  • Water Tank Uses
  • Commercial/Industrial cleaning
  • Agricultural/Farming
  • Domestic Uses
  • Rainwater Collection

  • Capacity
    500 Litres
    1" BSP
    8" Screw down Lid

    247.61 Including  VAT at 20%