Ecosure 1070 Litre Adblue Dispenser

Ecosure 1070 Litre Adblue Dispenser
Ecosure 1070 Litre Adblue Dispenser Ref: ECOBLUE1070

Made from MDPE, the Ecosure 1070 litre adblue dispenser comes complete with a 4m delivery hose and automatic nozzle which is connected to a 230V pump that pumps at approx. 48L/min, making it ideal for you to easily and safely dispense adblue.

This fuel dispenser has been specially designed for you to dispense adblue. The parts and fittings used are neat and compact; this dispenser stores the hose and nozzle inside the lockable cabinet.

Dispenser benfits

  • Position anywhere
  • Easy to use pump & nozzle
  • Compact unit

  • Fuel Dispenser Features
    • Dispensing nozzle holder with drip pan
    • Automatic stainless steel dispensing nozzle (without catch)
    • Drum screw joint G 2"

    Suitable for use in the gardenUK standard fittingsUK Madeadblue

    1070 Litre Adblue dispenser details
    Dimensions H:1850mm x W:700mm x L:1880mm
    Fill Point 2" Overfill Prevention Valve
    Weight 140kg
    Security Lockable cabinet
    Capacity 1070 litres / 235 gal

    Delivery Hose
    Adblue pump

    Hand Pump
    Automatic nozzle

    Hand Pump
    Inside the cabinet

    Pump Specifications 

    Flow rate 48 l/min
    Suction pipe length 1 m
    Discharge hose 8 m
    Power 550 W
    Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
    Current 2.6 A
    Medium temperature -7°C to +40°C
    Ambient temperature -25°C to +40°C
    Protection class IP 54
    Cable length 4 m
    Dimensions 206 x 116 x 1250 mm
    Weight 3.7 kg

    Fuel Dispensers FAQ's

    Q: Can I use a bunded tank to dispense fuel?
    A: No you must use a purpose made fuel dispenser which stores the hose and dipsensing nozzel in a cabinet.


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