ECO Model IBC Bunded Station 1100ltr

ECO Model IBC Bunded Station 1100ltr
ECO Model IBC Bunded Station 1100ltr Ref: 148-303

This 1100 litre IBC bund is UK manufactured in our UK factory from high quality, environmentally friendly polyethylene (PE), are suitable for the storage of various acids and alkalis, as well as oils, non-combustible cleaning chemicals and more. The storage places are limited to a maximum of 1600 kg and is ideally suited for storage of liquids with a maximum specific gravity of 1.4 depending on the weight of each IBC.

W - 1430mm
D - 1430mm
H - 970mm

Storage basics


  • IBC containers should always be placed on a firm, flat surface (i.e concrete)
  • Clearly label all individual containers with details of what they hold and any hazard they pose;
  • Label storage areas with details of what can be stored in them;
  • Place appropriate warning signs, for example the correct hazardous substances symbols (pictograms), at access points to dedicated stores;
  • Keep different materials and chemicals seperate, so they can’t mix if there’s a leak (it’s easier to deal with a spill of just one material than a mixture); this may be a legal requirement for some substances - see information from the HSE;
  • Only keep the minimum working materials with you whilst working;
  • Protect your chemical storage from extreme weather conditions whenever possible, for example sunlight and frost.
  • Store your chemical IBC bunds away from on site drainage, surface waters and groundwater and vehicle routes.

775.56 Including  VAT at 20%